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$1,000,000 for Cancer Research & Care   

15th ANNUAL RACH Fund 3-Pitch Tournament – June 22/23, 2018 -  Kinsmen Park, 110 Parry Sound Drive, Parry Sound (map found here)

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 Since 2004 we have raised over $950,000 for Cancer Research & Care Help us reach our Ultimate Goal by raising $88,000 in 2018!!  

We are getting so very close to our goal and here are some ways you can participate and help us reach a MILLION STRIKES AGAINST CANCER!

2018 RACH - first tier Incentive Prize

RACH-incentive prize-logo 2018 RACH - 2nd tier Incentive Prize






  • Support your favourite Team or Player by sponsoring them online on our PMCF and/or WPSHCF Event sites!
  • Purchase an Exciting 1 in 100 ‘key’ chance to win 4 platinum Maple Leafs tickets (for one of four weekday games for the 2018-2019 season) valued at approximately $1,200, AND A $500 GIFT CARD – learn more by clicking here.


  • Be creative and raise money like the amazing player on the Friends with Benefits team, Andrew Bruemmer! 

Andrew’s goal was $2,500 in pledges  …which he has already accomplished – woot woot!! (be sure to read his inspiring Profile Page on our PMCF pledge site) and keep a look out for him this weekend, as he is planning on raising more money with a ‘unique’ fundraiser…in his words….

Andrew Bruemmer


“…It’s been almost 2 years since my last haircut and I plan to cut it all off and donate my hair to the Canadian Cancer Society -  but I need everyone’s help to make it happen. On Friday we will be tying my hair into as many little pigtails as we can fit on my big head and selling them off.  Once all of the pigtails have been snipped (that’s your job), one lucky winner will be invited to pull out the clippers and give me a nice clean buzz cut to “head” into the summer months! The real sideshow will be me wandering around all weekend with half a head of hair – and you can’t put a price on that!

For a minimum cash donation of $20, you’ll be able to cut off a pigtail of your choosing (talk to your friends to come up with some kind of whacky hairdo idea!). Alternatively, you can purchase a raffle ticket, with the winner being invited to finish off the haircut!  Raffle tickets (52 of them) will go for a minimum of $10 bucks a pop.  If that sounds steep, then I invite you to join the fun and either donate your hair or line up next to me for a  buzz cut of your own. :) ) Of course, all proceeds raised from my ‘unique hair’ fundraiser will get kicked right back into the RACH Fund and help us get to that target of one million strikes against cancer

Looking forward to seeing you all out there – I should be easy to spot :)

RACH Fund sends a big shout out to our Corporate & Auction Sponsors over the years!  We couldn’t raise this money without your help!! For information about how to be a Sponsor and our Thank You to our Sponsors (by promoting and bringing traffic to your websites by linking them on our site), click on our Sponsor Page.
Please  read our inspiration for important changes in donors as we broaden our impact in our fight against Cancer…
Read Joanne & Tom Higgins 2017 RACH Thank You Letter….as they reflect ~ “We will always have cancer warriors in our midst until we beat cancer once and for all.  Until then, we will continue in our efforts to turn the tide in favor of those still fighting this disease.  Your donations continue to provide hope to those who need it most.”
At RACH Fund, we are very proud to recognize the passionate and courageous story of Aaron Higgins as expressed in the Doves of Hope Campaign with Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.  Please read the story and watch the videos as Aaron’s story is shared, and make a difference today by donating to the Doves of Hope Campaign in honour of Aaron or someone you know and love that has been touched by cancer.

Aaron and Georgia

Aaron Higgins ~ Doves of Hope