Aaron – Our Inspiration

Aaron had been fooling around with the guys watching  Super Bowl XLII in 2008 thinking that one of their reenactments had caused a broken rib, or a gallbladder attack, but told his dad who arranged for X-rays  and ultrasound. Suddenly, he was arranged for CT guided biopsies of a liver mass.  On route to a renowned surgeon, we received a phone call from WPSHC pathologist who told them that he had PEComa.  Relaying this to the surgeon, he remarked that it couldn’t be that as he had never seen one in almost thirty years of practice. Revolutionary surgery was performed by a team of surgeons doing a transplant-like reconstructive surgery due to the location of the tumor.

Aaron recovered to remark that his resident doctors had no bedside manner, and determined to do better.  He left a chemical engineer position at AECL and attended medical school at RCSI in Dublin.  He was required to fly back and forth numerous times for medical care but celebrated graduation with family by golfing the old course at St. Andrews in Scotland.  Attended family medicine residency in Winnipeg, transferring to NOSM at Parry Sound.  Murphy, who must have lost Aaron’s trail, caught up with him in Parry Sound and upset his future plans, reacquainting him with cancer care in Parry Sound. Despite the powerful grasp of his family, it became obvious that Rachel had put his name in for an elite foursome on a heavenly course, and he left us just before Christmas, 2016.

Please read an excerpt from a letter that the Dean of RCSI sent to the family.

….Aaron was an exemplary student, demonstrating enthusiasm and determination in his academic work and never letting his focus waver from the end of graduating with his medical degree.  Other than dealing with the practicalities of his health care, one would almost forget about his illness as he demonstrated great stoicism, never complaining.  As one of his classmates recalled from a conversation with Aaron, he always said that he was living life to the fullest by attending medical school…..”

To read the entire letter, we have shared it here.

Aaron’s family posted some memories in his memoriam, that you can read here.

His ability to maintain his focus on dispensing care to his community, while receiving care, gives us inspiration to try, in some way, to give back to the community.  Read about Aaron’s inspiration to broaden our impact!


At RACH Fund, we are very proud to recognize the passionate and courageous story of Aaron Higgins as expressed in the Doves of Hope Campaign with Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.  Please read the story and watch the videos as Aaron’s story is shared, and make a difference today by donating to the Doves of Hope Campaign in honour of Aaron or someone you know and love that has been touched by cancer.

Aaron and Georgia

Aaron Higgins ~ Doves of Hope