Aaron – Words of Love & Remembrance

Aaron Matthew Higgins – March 15, 1984 – December 20, 2016


On December 20, 2016, at home, surrounded by family and friends, after a valiant battle fought against a sneaky, ruthless, and nefarious foe, Dr. Aaron Matthew Higgins left on an extended leave to reconnect with his sister, Rachel, to put higher pressure on the ultimate interventionist. Born in Parry Sound, he grew up as Goose, in arenas, ballparks, on any hill that would hold snow, and at musical venues. He was groomed at McGill University, AECL, Dublin’s RCSI , U of Manitoba, and NOSM, to finally return to Parry Sound to join the medical fraternity.

He will be missed by many, whose lives he has touched with his smile and humor, but especially by Georgia and Jennifer, Joanne and Tom, Adam, Lil, Rachel and Presley, Gillian and Sheldon, Jordan, Nana and Papa, Stella and Ted, Phil, Sonya and Cameron, and Nic.

Our family continues to be overwhelmed by all the support of every description possible received by our friends and colleagues who are the reason we are able to get up each morning.


January 10, 2017

Facebook post from Joanne & Tom

Thank you all very much from the Higgins and McEwen families!

Aaron was the middle child of five kids, the first to be born as a local in Parry Sound. As a young boy, he challenged his older brother and tormented his little sister and learned the ability to get under your skin or warm his way into your heart depending on his need. His sister showed him tenacity and his younger brother continued the rivalry, challenging him so that he could not rest on his laurels. He had a double crown which I think gave him his distinctive wild hair style and the rare ability to multitask. His shortened life was spent between the pipes, creating the beat on a skin, winning video games, hitting balls into the gap, lowering his handicap, gunkholing with his family to Free Drinks Island, being a loyal fan, sliding down snowy pitches, relishing in apres ski or apres anything, watching and discussing stats to his watched sports, wakeboarding with his brothers on G.bay, defying and conning his father, partying, loving, savoring a libation, being a friend, stepping into trouble to help a friend, instigating trouble just because, laughing, eating with fervor, studying, achieving an iron ring, traveling, taking the Hippocratic oath, learning to say “yes dear”, maintaining friendships, and being a dad. 
Despite his father’s training skills mentoring Murphy’s laws, Aaron came out of a lost hockey game with the attitude that he had stopped ‘so many shots’, rather than the alternative. He stood up to all the shots that the little understood PEComa fired at him, but the final tally seemed not in his favor. As a goalie and a drummer, he had their back, and as he lost his last game, his concern was for his wife and daughter and that he wasn’t able to fulfill his vow to support. His friends, known to him, and many who weren’t, have taken his spot between the pipes and made the saves in overtime. I know that all the generosity that has been shown to his girls is bringing a big smile to that face up in heaven …and a feeling like the Jays …and maybe even the Leafs could make it happen. Wishing that you receive in abundance the love you have bestowed on all of us. Love you all.


March 15, 2017

Facebook post from Joanne & Tom

A man is someone who realizes that strength of character is more important than being tough. He can be tender and kind, and he doesn’t misuse his authority. He is generous, and enjoys giving as well as receiving. A man understands; he tries to see both sides of a situation. He is responsible; He knows what needs to be done, and He does it. He is trustworthy; His word is his honor. He loves humor, and looks at the bright side of things. He takes time to think before he reacts. He loves life, nature, discovery, excitement, and so much more. Aaron was all of this and so much more! Aaron you were a little boy sometimes, living in an adult body and enjoying the best of both worlds. You would have been 33 today and I know cheering proudly and loudly for the Leafs to secure a playoff position. Keep helping them out. Missing you yesterday, today and tomorrow. Loving you now and for always.


Georgia’s Trust Fund

December 21, 2016 

Uncle Dan

God needed another Angel around His throne.

Yesterday my nephew, Aaron Matthew Higgins, lost his 7-year battle against PEComa cancer. Aaron was 32 years old. He was a Husband, a Father, a Son, a Brother, a Cousin, a Friend and a Colleague to many all around the world.

At 32 is hard to accomplish everything you want to in life. That did not hold Aaron back as he lived every day to the fullest while waging his personal war against cancer.

While Aaron had many, many accomplishments to be proud of, the best two were his Bride and Soulmate, Jennifer, and their precious year and a half old daughter, Georgia Aaron.

Aaron & Georgia

Every father really only wants one thing in life, that is to do everything they can to ensure their children’s needs are looked after and to be there to guide them through their life journey.

We can help Aaron with that.

A Trust Fund has been set up for Georgia to assist with her education and well being as she grows up to become the young woman Aaron knew she would be.

The trust fund is with TD. Here is what you can do if you would like to contribute:

You can go to any TD branch and make a direct deposit to account number 6102200 and transit number 32022, “Georgia’s Trust Fund”. The account is under the name Dan O’Neill, therefore if you write a cheque it should be made payable to Dan O’Neill. You also have the option to make an e-transfer to this account. If this is your preferred choice, please send your e-transfer to my e-mail address doneill@sympatico.ca. As well, you can also make a contribution at Logan’s Funeral Home.

Unfortunately, your contributions are not tax deductible, so a tax receipt will not be issued.

Every contribution will be greatly appreciated, and will have a significant impact on Georgia’s life as Aaron watches and guides her from above.

Please share and repost this so we can reach many people around the world.

Thank you and God Bless you for your support.

Uncle Dan