Our Inspiration as we broaden our impact in our fight against Cancer

The following is our inspiration for important changes as we broaden our impact in our fight against Cancer…

RACH 2017 postcard

As you all know, Rachel Higgins’ tenacity and courageous fight against cancer has been our inspiration for the last 14 years in our goal to raise money and awareness for cancer research with PMCF.  Rachel’s family, friends and community have continued her legacy and together we have raised over $910,000; with over $54,000 of this money donated to the West Parry Sound Health Centre (WPSHC) over the last 6 years to give back to the community that hosts this amazing event each year, and make a difference for those living with cancer.

Last year RACH Fund evolved and we introduced two important changes.

  • The first change was the blue A in our RACH Fund Tournament Logo.  The initials AMH have been added in the blue A, which stands for Aaron Matthew Higgins, one of Rachel’s brothers. With great sadness we share that Aaron passed away from a 7-year battle with a rare cancer, Perivascular Endothelial Cell sarcoma (PEComa), on December 20, 2016, with his wife, daughter, parents, and siblings by his side.  Aaron inspired many during his inconceivable and courageous fight against cancer with his strength, courage, humour, and love. There aren’t enough words to describe Aaron and his accomplishments through his life journey ~ however we would urge you to click here Dr. Aaron Matthew Higgins and read more about Aaron and how his life affected so many. 
  • Aaron inspired us to broaden the impact of the RACH Tournament even further than we had in the previous five years. Therefore, a second major change, with respect to where the monies raised would be donated as per Aaron’s wishes, was to make impactful modifications to the recipients of the funds raised to help those affected by cancer.


All pledges raised online, all monetary donations made online, and all donations specifically directed to PMCF, will continue to be donated to PMCF and Dr. Irish, Chief of the Department of Surgical Oncology at the University of Health Network, and his team of Researchers for research into Estesioneuorblastoma Cancer and Image Guided Therapeutics (GTx).  To check out exciting updates on Dr. Irish and his research - Click Here!

All the proceeds from the Silent Auction, Fish Fry, Beer Tent and any funds specifically directed to WPSHC Cancer Care during the Tournament weekend will be donated to WPSHC – Cancer Care. This was very important to Aaron from his role as a physician in the hospital and his recognition of the need for funding for cancer care in the Parry Sound community and because of the care given during his personal battle and that of his sister, Rachel;  the donation to WPSHC will grow from Concession stand proceeds which has been donated over the previous 5 years, to include all other areas from the Tournament weekend.  RACH Fund donated $44,000 to WPSHCF to purchase a colonoscope.

In 2017, due to the generous donations by members of the community, all Concession stand expenses were fully donated. As such, their wishes that All monies raised from the Concession were be donated to Georgia’s Trust Fund which was started for Aaron’s wee daughter, Georgia; as his Uncle Dan wrote: “…Every father really only wants one thing in life, that is to do everything they can to ensure their children’s needs are looked after and to be there to guide them through their life journey. We can help Aaron with that. A Trust Fund has been set up for Georgia to assist with her education and well being as she grows up to become the young woman Aaron knew she would be….”  $4,200 was donated from the Concession stand in 2017 for Georgia’s Trust Fund!

With Aaron’s wisdom and guidance, RACH Fund has evolved and we want to thank you for your ongoing support as we make these changes due to the inspiration of both Rachel and Aaron and their personal battles with cancer.

Rachel & Aaron On The Bay with their Mom, Joanne

Rachel & Aaron – On the Bay – with their Mom, Joanne