Memorial Awards

University of Waterloo, RACH Memorial Award

RACH Memorial Award was established in memory of Rachel Ann Cecelia Higgins who lost her battle with cancer during her 3rd year at the School of Optometry.  Rachel was an inspiration to many.  This award is created to honour individuals who have demonstrated undefeatable courage, strength, perseverance and determination, while confronting the significant challenges in their lives.  Dr. Rachel Ann Cecilia Higgins was such a person.

2017 – Olga Savitska

RACH 2017 Olga & Marie






2016 – Wendy Ng

2015 – Daniel Rubin

2014 - Antonio Carbonara

2013 - Andria Tinkham

2012 – Sarah Pollock

2011 – Heather Hyde

2010 – Angela Betker

2009 – Sarah Sliva

2008 – Joel Schaefer

2007 – Julie Lee-Ying

2006 – Erin Axt

St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School, Parry Sound

Each year a student of St. Peter the Apostle Cathol School receives a RACH Memorial Award.

RACH 3-Pitch Annual Tournament

At the 4th Tournament, June 22-24, 2007; a local craftsman created the beautiful Spirit Award.  The Georgian Bay rock was carved with the acronym R.A.C.H. and a ball player and the words “SPIRIT AWARD – Presented to the Person who Most Exemplifies The Spirit of Rachel Higgins”.  It has been awarded to the following recipients:

Joanne Higgins – 2007  Sally Weeks – 2008   Anthony Maschek – 2009   Connie Cussons – 2011

Team Michael & Sons of Pitches – 2012




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