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Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (PMCF)

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Please join us in raising money for the important work that Dr. Jonathan Irish, Chief of Surgical Oncology and his team at the Princess Margaret Hospital can do for Image-guided therapeutics (GTx) research.  GTx allows surgeons to accurately pinpoint cancer cells and tumours and then remove them without harming the surrounding structures or healthy tissue.  Patients will benefit from faster recovery times and enhanced quality of life during and after treatment.

Donate directly to the RACH Fund at Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (PMCF), by clicking Donate Now 


West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation, Cancer Care (WPSHCF)


Due to the wishes of Aaron Higgins, as this was very important to Aaron from his role as a physician at the WPSHC and his recognition of the need for funding for cancer care in the Parry Sound community and because of the care given during his personal battle and that of his sister, Rachel.

  • Send a cheque (payable to RACH Fund, with WPSHCF in the memo line) to Joanne Higgins, 7 Demick Drive, Parry Sound, ON P2A 2W9
  • Donate to WPSHCF, Cancer Care by clicking on Donate Now and choosing Cancer Care from the drop down menu in the Donate For* field and completing the ‘What motivated your gift’ with the words ~ RACH Fund
  • all donations of $10 or over will receive a tax receipt from WPSHCF