As our Mission Statement says:

“We stand together as family, as friends, as a community who choose to RALLY AGAINST CANCER HARDCORE….."

Over the last 13 years we have been blessed with many, many inspirational Supporters, Participants, Volunteers, Family, Friends and we felt that there is not time like the present to share their stories on our website.  

We want to fill these pages with inspiring stories – share your stories by connecting with us at info@rachfund.com.

Our first HERO interview was held with Jo-Anne Ferguson

When did you get involved with RACH Fund?   Iain Grandy asked Horseshoe Pines Marina to sponsor his team the first year of the tournament. Without hesitation, we threw our hat in the ring. And haven’t looked back.

What attracted you to the RACH Fund in particular?   We were relatively new to Parry Sound. I attended the first tournament to watch the HPM team in action. I  watched some stellar 3-pitch, but got hooked on the community spirit. The camaraderie. The family atmosphere. The sunshine. The busy-ness. The effort. The love. I knew it was an event like no other that I had experienced.

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Please read the inspiring words of Andrea Gaspar, another of our amazing Heroes!

"I became involved in the RACH Tournament in 2007. It was a natural place for my energies as my son had been diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2006 at 10 years of age. We were new to Parry Sound at the time. After surgery, treatment and months of rehabilitation, we found ourselves back home. I was trying to get my bearings in the world as I finally had some time to contemplate this "new normal." It rocks the foundation of your world to have your child diagnosed with cancer and while my son was doing pretty well, I was terrified. I was terrified the tumour would return. I was so tired, I didn't think I could handle much more. I had lived through the unthinkable: 8 hours of brain surgery which felt like an eternity, 33 rounds of radiation where I had to leave my boy alone fastened to a table while a huge machine radiated his brain potentially damaging him for life and exposing him to secondary cancer and then months of painful hospital rehabilitation away from home and feeling exhausted. 
I had heard about the RACH tournament and the Higgins family. I reached out and called Joanne. I don't really remember much about our conversation, but I knew I had found a kindred spirit who understood exactly what I was going through. I also knew this was a cause I could support whole-heartedly. …"
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Tish Thornton of Shear Perfection, our newest Hero, shares her involvement with the RACH Fund!

"…In your opinion, what is the most important work that the RACH Fund does?   I hope that the RACH will carry on because brain cancer research is so important in order to improve the lives of the people it effects.

We have experienced the improvements that cancer research has made. Cancer is no longer the death sentence it used to be. There are many more survivors now, although more people seem to be effected by it.

Do you have a message to share?  We have future generations to continue fighting for, and the RACH has, and hopefully will continue to make a difference."

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OUR HERO Erin Axt has shared her inspiring words and why she is so devoted to the RACH Fund.  Thank you Erin for being such a good friend and valuable member of the Parry Sound Community……

….What motivates you to stay involved?

Joanne Higgins. We organize this tournament to fulfill Rachel’s dream, but we are led by her most amazing mother. Joanne’s dedication and year-round contribution to this tournament is unbelievable. ….

What do you hope the RACH Fund will achieve?

Our one and only goal is to find a cure for cancer. Our slogan is: Believe It! We will conquer cancer in our lifetime! The tournament might take on a different form, or might end one day, but we will not stop supporting cancer research…"

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Our ‘behind the scenes’ amazing social media expert is next up as OUR HERO!!

Diana D’Agostino shares her motivation for being such an integral part of the RACH Fund family…..

How are you involved with the RACH Fund and what does this involve?

I manage the social media accounts Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. My role is very small but an important part in keeping everyone informed during the 2 day tournament and throughout the year. #Rachfund #ParrySound #Awesome

What motivates you to stay involved?

Cancer knows NO Boundaries and we all dread the idea of hearing the word “cancer.” Young, old, male or female cancer touches everyone.  Attending this event for the first time you see first hand love, hope and people coming together to help this wonderful cause ~13 years strong.  How could you not support this wonderful event in Parry Sound? 

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