Diana D’Agostino

Our ‘behind the scenes’ amazing social media expert is next up as OUR HERO!!

Diana D’Agostino shares her motivation for being such an integral part of the RACH Fund family…..

When did you get involved with RACH Fund?

In 2009 I got involved with RACH Fund. Since that time I have never looked back. 

What attracted you to the cause?

Attending my first opening ceremonies I was overwhelmed by the love and support for Rachel Higgins and the fight to move forward.

What attracted you to the RACH Fund in particular?

Cancer has touched my family and friends lives also.  Seeing first hand their personal struggles made me want to help.  Understanding Rachel's dream of love and hope; it just seemed like the right fit. “RALLY AGAINST CANCER HARDCORE”

How are you involved with the RACH Fund and what does this involve?

I manage the social media accounts Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. My role is very small but an important part in keeping everyone informed during the 2 day tournament and throughout the year. #Rachfund #ParrySound #Awesome

What motivates you to stay involved?

Cancer knows NO Boundaries and we all dread the idea of hearing the word “cancer.” Young, old, male or female cancer touches everyone.  Attending this event for the first time you see first hand love, hope and people coming together to help this wonderful cause ~13 years strong.  How could you not support this wonderful event in Parry Sound? 

In your opinion, what is the most important work that the RACH Fund does?

Raising funds to support research, Dr. Jonathan Irish and his research team and Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and the fight for one day ending cancer!!

What do you hope the RACH Fund will achieve in the near future? In the long term?  

Believe It! We will conquer cancer in our lifetime!

Does anyone in your life play a role in supporting your involvement and/or providing inspiration?

Rachel's family and Rachel's dream. This young lady had so much hope, love and determination to help others while fighting her daily battle. #WEloveyouRach