Erin Axt

OUR HERO Erin Axt has shared her inspiring words and why she is so devoted to the RACH Fund.  Thank you Erin for being such a good friend and valuable member of the Parry Sound Community……

When did you get involved with RACH Fund?

I have been involved with RACH since its inception and in recent years I have been a member of the RACH committee and I manage the Silent Auction.

What motivates you to stay involved?

Joanne Higgins. We organize this tournament to fulfill Rachel’s dream, but we are led by her most amazing mother. Joanne’s dedication and year-round contribution to this tournament is unbelievable.

In your opinion, what is the most important work that the RACH Fund does?

The RACH Fund raises money for a very important surgical program at Princess Margaret Hospital, but even more importantly, it is a weekend for our community to rally together. We have all been affected by cancer, we have all lost a loved one, and some loved ones are fighting today. This tournament allows us to all come together, share our support for one another, and fill our hearts to get through another year.

The RACH Fund has raised over $786,000, and I feel that our small town can actually make a difference in this long and hard fight against cancer.

What do you hope the RACH Fund will achieve?

Our one and only goal is to find a cure for cancer. Our slogan is: Believe It! We will conquer cancer in our lifetime! The tournament might take on a different form, or might end one day, but we will not stop supporting cancer research.

Do you have a message to share?

If our efforts can prevent one father from saying goodbye to his child, or allow one mother to raise her kids with her best friend by her side, all of our efforts will be justified.