Tish Thornton

Thank you for your inspiring words Tish Thornton of Shear Perfection of Parry Sound!  Our newest member of OUR HEROES!

When did you get involved with RACH Fund?   I really can't remember,  but I think we became involved with the RACH fund the first year It started. We have a few ball players at our salon who played with their families and friends.

What attracted you to the RACH Fund in particular?   We wanted to be involved because cancer plays a role in everyone's lives. It also was important because Rachel Higgins was a local girl and everyone in town seemed to know her in one way or another.  We make donations to the fund raisers, usually the silent auction. It is what we are able to do. It's never how much you can donate, but if everyone does what they can, it all helps.

What motivates you to stay involved?   We have stayed involved because we have seen where the money actually goes and know that a few local people have been involved in the programs that the RACH supports.

In your opinion, what is the most important work that the RACH Fund does?   I hope that the RACH will carry on because brain cancer research is so important in order to improve the lives of the people it effects.
We have experienced the improvements that cancer research has made. Cancer is no longer the death sentence it used to be. There are many more survivors now, although more people seem to be effected by it.

Do you have a message to share?  We have future generations to continue fighting for, and the RACH has, and hopefully will continue to make a difference.