2004 1st Annual

OPENING CEREMONIES:   After MC, Dan O’Neill (Rachel’s Uncle), welcomed everyone to the 1st Annual Tournament and the Mayor of McDougall and Caitlin Kavander of PMHF welcomed players, volunteers and spectators – Rachel Higgins stepped up to the mound to throw the Opening Pitch!  Let’s Play Ball!

WEEKEND ACTIVITIES:   Aside from the ball games going on from Friday night through Saturday, the first tournament saw the introduction of a Silent Auction, BBQ & Concession and Beer Tent!

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT IN BEER TENT:  Friday Night – Everyone enjoyed the sounds of the Muskoka Roads and danced the night away!


PHOTOS:  This is just one of the memories from the weekend. Click on the photo and see Tournament photos on our RACH Fund Facebook Group page.  Please feel free to add any others that you may have to this year’s Tournament or any of our other Tournaments!



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