2005 2nd Annual

OPENING CEREMONIES:   MC, Dan O’Neill, welcomed everyone to the 2nd Annual Tournament welcoming  players, volunteers and spectators and congratulating them on a tremendous 1st Tournament.  Caitlin Kavander of PMHF was also available to thank everyone for their contributions to the skull base research at PMH.  Then, Rachel Higgins once again stepped up to the mound to throw the Opening Pitch to her Dad, Tom Higgins!  And the Tournament was off and running!

WEEKEND ACTIVITIES:   Aside from the ball games going on from Friday night through Saturday, the 2nd  tournament enjoyed a Home Run Derby, Beer Tent, BBQ & Concession – participated in another amazing Silent Auction…and enjoyed ‘dunking’ the York Region Firefighters!!

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT IN BEER TENT:  Friday Night – Parry Sound’s own 8Minutes2Live (drummer Aaron Higgins – Rachel’s brother) rocked the night away! The first person up dancing was Rachel…and she never sat down all  night!

PHOTOS:  This is just one of the memories from the weekend. Rachel-Helps-The-York-Region-Firefighters-TeamClick on the photo and see Tournament photos on our RACH Fund Facebook Group page.  Please feel free to add any others that you may have to this year’s Tournament or any of our other Tournaments!

SPECIAL NOTES:  Rachel became one of the York Region Firefighters biggest fan!  Once she received her first autographed calendar, and then the Firefighters dropped in to visit her at PMH – their precious friendship began.  The Firefighters team needed her help this tournament, and she was glad to oblige!!


Gearing Up For RACH Tourney

RACH Tourney Raises More Than $40,000 Locally