2006 3rd Annual

OPENING CEREMONIES:   Once again MC, Dan O’Neill, welcomed everyone to the 3rd Annual Tournament welcoming  players, volunteers and spectators and congratulating them on 2 fantastic Tournaments.  Sadly, only 2 months after the 2nd Tournament, Rachel graduated to Angel status.  Her tenacity and grace was carried forward by all of those who love her and miss her – please Read the Links of Interest / News Articles below. Kristen Murch, who wrote a song titled A Dance for Rach in honour of Rachel, sang Oh Canada and Sandy Craddock of Parry Sound, stepped up to the plate and threw the Opening Pitch to begin the 3rd Tournament!

WEEKEND ACTIVITIES:   Although everyone missed the exuberance and enthusiasm Rachel inspired in the Tournament; the volunteers and players rose again to the task and actually ‘bumped it up’ by raising the number of teams to 32 and playing ball from from Friday night through to Sunday morning; but also having two nights of live entertainment and a Pickerel Fish Fry on the Friday night – serving over 300 happy customers.  Of course the Silent Auction was a hit once again, the BBQ/Concession kept hopping and the Beer Tent was a popular venue! 

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT IN BEER TENT:  Friday Night – Parry Sound’s own 8Minutes2Live (drummer Aaron Higgins – Rachel’s brother) rocked the night away again and on Saturday night the The Lost Faculties band from the University of Waterloo (where Rachel went to University & Optometry School) was a huge success

PHOTOS:  This is just one of the memories from the weekend. Rachel's-Grandparents-3rd-Annual TournamentClick on the photo and see Tournament photos on our RACH Fund Facebook Group page.  Please feel free to add any others that you may have to this year’s Tournament or any of our other Tournaments!

SPECIAL NOTES:  Rachel’s beautiful and fun-loving spirit was with all of us this first Tournament without her – the Higgins and extended family team called Flying High…became known as “Flying High with an Angel in the Outfield”.  The York Region Firefighters dedicated their 2006 Calendar to Rachel – and in turn Parry Sound and friends invited the Firefighters to Parry Sound for their first ‘out of town’ signing…and they sold over 300 calendars (the most ever at a signing)! 


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