2010 7th Annual

Sandy's-Sign-5-Years-Cancer-FreeOPENING CEREMONIES:  The 7th Annual Opening Ceremonies was an emotional and inspirational experience.  Under the direction of Jo-Anne Ferguson, many of Rachel’s family, friends and members of the community, walked into the pavilion carrying Inspirational Signs – either about Rachel, the Tournament, the Research, Personal Stories of Cancer – a few of the signs are found on our Facebook Group Page – please click the image to see more.  MacKenzie Ritchie played the melody to the song Dance for Rach, that he and other band members of 8Minutes2Live wrote in Rachel’s memory, the night she passed away.  It was a beautiful and memorable tribute to those who have fought and lost the battle to cancer, and those still fighting.  After the Sign ceremony, Kailey O’Neill (one of Rachel’s cousins) sang Oh Canada and a young man from Parry Sound, Michael Gilchrist threw the Opening Pitch to start the games!

WEEKEND ACTIVITIES:   Is it possible the Tournaments keep getting better and better?  3 days of 3-Pitch Baseball with 32 teams, including a Friday night Fish Fry, two nights of live entertainment, the ever-popular Silent Auction, BBQ/Concession, Fireworks and the Beer Tent!  Then add a very important addition – Canadian Blood Services hosted 2 booths – OneMatch & What’s Your Type – and both were a huge success – with many, many folks finding out their blood type and signing up for OneMatch.  CBS was a very important cause when Rachel was living and is carried on through her family and friends! 

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT IN BEER TENT:  Friday Night – 8Minutes2Live returned to a thrilled crowd and on Saturday night – The Dirty Little Swing Thing worked their magic on the party-goers!

PHOTOS:  This is just one of the memories from the weekend. 2010-Batter-UpClick on the photo and see Tournament photos on our RACH Fund Facebook Group page.  Please feel free to add any others that you may have to this year’s Tournament or any of our other Tournaments!

SPECIAL NOTES:   As in every Tournament, the actual weekend event is exciting, exhilirating and memorable!  One of the unique aspects that contributed to this Tournament was an event that took place several months before!  The Lost Faculties band from the University of Waterloo, hosted a fundraising event in November on the UofW campus…raising over $11,000 to be contributed to the RACH Fund.  What an amazing event, that was much appreciated and enjoyed by everyone who attended!

*Note Read Dr. Irish’s Thank You and a note from the Princess Margaret Hospital below.


Rallying For RACH This Weekend

Rachel’s Fight Lives On

RACH Raises $49,000

On Behalf of RACH, Thank You

Thank you from Dr. Irish – November 6, 2010

“Yet another amazing year for the RACH Tournament!

This year has been an extraordinary one.  We are about to break ground in the next 2-3 months on a brand new OR at the Toronto General Hospital which will be totally dedicated to development and implementation of new technologies in cancer surgery.  These technologies will include robotics and image guidance with endoscopic tracking.  Most of these technologies have been developed in the GTx Lab with help from the RACH fund.  Most of our engineers and students including fellows have been supported through the RACH Fund.  This years fellow is Dr Ben Dixon from Melbourne, Australia and he is working with our technology and furthering its applications.

We are taking an OR team down to Philadelphia in January or February to get some more experience at the University of Pennsylvania in head and neck robotic surgery.

So we keep moving forward with great help from you.

I have no doubt Rachel would be extremely proud of the impact that this has had.”

Jonathan C. Irish MD MSc FRCSC FACS
Provincial Head, Surgical Oncology, Cancer Care Ontario
Chief, Department of Surgical Oncology, University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital
Professor, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, University of Toronto


Please read the amazing letter from Nancy Jordan, Senior Coordinator, Special Events, The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation; which was read at the 7th Annual Opening Ceremonies!!

On behalf of The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, I would like to thank each of you for participating in the 7th Annual Rallying Against Cancer Hardcore 3-Pitch Tournament.  We are so grateful for community initiatives like this as they help The Princess Margaret maintain its’ place as one of the top 5 cancer research centers in the world.   We thank all of the participants here today for sharing in our vision – to conquer cancer in our lifetime.

All of the proceeds raised this weekend will benefit The R.A.C.H. Fund supporting the brain tumor research of Dr. Jonathan Irish, Chief of the Department of Surgical Oncology at the University Health Network (UHN).  Research is what is facilitating the development of new drugs and is helping to develop more effective and less harmful surgical and radiation treatments that can increase a patient’s quality and length of life.  Over the past 7 years, The RACH Tournament has raised $322,500 for important brain tumour research.  We are truly grateful for the support of the Higgins family, friends and the many supporters of this wonderful event.

I would like to thank everyone again for sharing in this amazing celebration of Rachel’s life, and for giving hope to those individuals who are fighting this disease today.  Your support will help The Princess Margaret realize it’s goal, to conquer cancer in our lifetime!

Best Wishes,Nancy Jordan, Senior Coordinator, Special Events, The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation