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PMCF “state-of-the-art facilities like our Guided-Therapeutics operating suite…”

2012 PMCF Youtube Dr. Irish

Toronto General Hospital’s ‘operating room of the future’, Toronto Star – March 23, 2013

“O.R. Number 19 at the Toronto General Hospital is as fine a working surgical suite as you’re liable to find on Earth….”

Dr. Irish and his team of researchers, as (PMCF) Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation announced the opening of a One of a Kind in the World – GTx OR

With this new GTx Operating Room patients have more precise, targeted, less invasive treatments. With faster healing times and shorter stays in hospital, they can return to their lives sooner…NOW THAT’S WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT….
The GTx OR - The Future of Surgery
Motto: Create, Innovate, Translate, Evaluate, and Educate 

Check out the short video on the GTx OR  by clicking on the photo above!

As Melinda said on the PMCF Blog
“Why the GTx OR? 

Dr. Shaf Keshavjee put it best describing it as a “GPS”. He reminded us of how we used to be driving around, unfolding huge maps, and using them to figure out where we were going. Now with GPS in our cars, we are told exactly where to go.”


June 2011 - Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation – Donor Recognition Night

RACH Fund Committee Members were invited to the Annual Donor Recognition Night at PMHF in June.  It was wonderful to be recognized with such a prestigious group of volunteers!  The main speaker for the evening was Dr. Fei-Fei Lui and her message was clear “…What makes the PMH so successful, and such an exciting place to innovate, is that with the support raised by folks like yourself, and the events that you organize,…“  To read all of Dr. Lui’s comments about Dr. Irish’s research and other amazing innovative research through PMHF, please click here.

April 2010 - Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation – Overview, Mission, Updates & Future Plans of the GTx Program

The GTx Program April 2010

November 2009 - Read the message Dr. Irish sent to the Facebook Group page “SAVE the RACH” as the Municipality of MacDougall Township were contemplating changing a by-law which would have affected the annual RACH 3-Pitch Tournament held in Parry Sound each June:

“First of all, just let me tell you and all the supporters of the RACH events how important the money raised is to our program. This funding is part of the life blood of our skull base research program. We have made incredible advances in our ability to access and destroy skull base cancers and tumours. We have done this by marrying the technologies of robotics, image guidance and surgery. The monies have supported the development of the technologies over the last 5 year and the RACH funding has supported engineers to develop the technology.

Over the last 2 years the funding has partially supported a surgeon to do his Master’s degree in developing simulator models for educating young surgeons and has allowed further testing of new technologies outside the operating room before introducing them safely to care of patients. Although your community is a small one it has proven to have a big heart that is touching communities throughout the province and, in fact, throughout the world. I expect that is not a common feat but the RACH Fund and its supporters can be proud that it has started a program that is competing with the rest of the world.

Hopefully, your community and it’s leaders will understand the enormous effect that this funding has and not create a situation that will jeopardize the success of the RACH fundraising events.”


June 2009 - Dr. Jonathan Irish presented to over 300 tournament participants at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 20th, 2009 at the Kinsmen Park.  We learned about how your Support and Contributions to the RACH Fund are making a difference in Cancer Research!

All profits and donations contributed go towards the research into Image-guided therapeutics, or GTx. Dr. Jonathon Irish has commented that image guided surgery will save lives. GTx integrates imaging technologies to provide a kind of GPS for cancer surgeons where surgical tools, and the surgical target and surrounding anatomy are visualized precisely in “real time” three-dimensional images. The surgeon can accurately pinpoint cancer cells and tumours and then remove them without harming the surrounding structures or healthy tissue. Patients will benefit from faster recovery times and enhanced quality of life during and after treatment. Image guided therapeutics is the future in the fight against cancer. The RACH fund has contributed $300,000 towards this study.




December 2008 - Dr. Jonathan Irish has recognized the RACH Fund and the commitment to raise funds for research on Esthesioneuroblastoma as he indicates in an email to Joanne & Tom Higgins, as follows:

Esthesioneuroblastoma: The Princess Margaret Hospital Experience. This is one of the largest single institution experiences that has been reported in the world. This research was made possible by the kind and generous support from the baseball tournament fundraiser. We continue to move forward on the “GTx Program” which the RACH funding has also supported and we continue to have exciting new research discoveries in this area. The RACH Fund is also supporting research with a MSc-MD Fellow into minimal access surgery approaches and partially funding some basic science work in esthesioneuroblastoma with one of our pathologists.

Your support through the RACH Fund has been invaluable. The RACH Fund is acknowledged on page 1 and also at the end of the manuscript. The journal ‘Head and Neck’ is the most prestigious head and neck cancer in the world so you should feel very proud of the fundraising efforts that you have done on behalf of this research and the impact that it has made for future patients.”

2008 - PMHF News from Dr. Jonathan Irish, Head of Surgical Oncology for The Princess Margaret, says that the “new technology is providing today’s surgeon with vastly superior vision of a patient and their condition, which leads directly to more successful outcomes.”

“While the new technology is beneficial for all surgeons,” continues Dr. Irish, “it is particularly advantageous for new surgeons who haven’t had 20 years to develop their ‘sixth sense’ about the positioning of each artery and nerve.” This kind of technology will reduce surgical complications and give young surgeons more confidence.”

Dr. Jonathan Irish, Surgical Oncologist Cancer patients will benefit greatly from an exciting new technology – Image Guided Surgery- pioneered right here at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) and have a direct impact on patient survival and quality of life.

November 2007 - Skull Base an Interdisciplinary Approach, Pub Med Central, Rach Fund cited

Noncontiguous Bilateral Esthesioneuroblastoma: A Case Report

April 2007 - Cancerlink Highlights GTx as one of the three research initiatives PMH is focusing on

Cancerlink - Face to Face With Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz – “We’re not trying to predict the future, we’re creating it.”   

February 2007 - PMHF Honours three visionary scientists, whose work in innovative imaging techniques

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation to Honour “GTx” Researchers Leading New Era in Precision Surgery 

Fall 2006 - Surgical Oncology News Front Page, Volume 1, Number 2, “The Rachel Higgins Memorial Fund (“THE RACH Fund”) has provided $40,000-50,000 per year to research skull base malignancies”

Toronto Central – South, Research on GTx