Rotary Strikes Against Cancer Annual 3-Pitch Tournament (formerly the RACH 3-Pitch Tournament)

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Tournament Date:  June 14 – 15, 2019

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RACH Fund & The Rotary Club of Parry Sound – how it all began….
by David Brunton, President of the Rotary Club of Parry Sound
WoW! 15/1MIL+, It’s like the Little Engine that Could, and It DID! This is HUGE!
It’s amazing what can be accomplished when like-minded people come together and focus on a common goal.
I remember receiving a call from Joanne 16 years ago seeking volunteers to help her and Rachel organize a Fun themed Ball Tournament with hopes of raising a little money in support of Princess Margaret Hospital. Rachel had spent many days there and it was her wish all in a gesture of appreciation for the wonderful care and love she received.
And so the Rallying began, and what started as a 12 team, one day event morphed into the amazing fun filled RACH 3 Pitch that it is today. It became sort of a home coming event for many locals to meet old friends and make new ones and for many Higgins and O’Neill family members to gather annually, some traveling thousands of miles.
Though bearing pain and suffering to a level we will never know from this monster we call cancer, both Rachel and Aaron Rallied On and were so caring and loving and always thought of others before themselves …… they  both would give you the shirt off their back ( which Aaron  often did at the RACH ). But they grew tired and so did the RACH committee, and the decision was made to keep the RACH Fund alive  ( ) for those who wish to donate to it. But the fight is not over. The Rallying continues! And so does the wishes of so many people who have enjoyed participating in the RACH either as a volunteer, band member, donor, spectator and especially the ball players who want to Rally On for the cause while having fun!
The Rotary Club of Parry Sound has stepped forward to pick up the “bat” and team up with those who wish to Rally On.
It is such a natural partnership for so many reasons, the name Rotary, formerly the RACH, has such a great ring to it, it marries two organizations with such commonly shared values partnering in a joint effort to continue fundraising to do what we can to support the fight against cancer.…. and most notably  Rachael and Aaron’s values and legacies are shared with Rotary’s worldwide as our motto represents their spirit as well;
“Service Above Self “
In Parry Sound since 1936, Rotary’s guiding principles have been the foundation upon which our values and tradition stand. The Object of Rotary, and the Avenues of Service express our commitment to service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership all while having fun.
Rotary’s commitment to The Higgin’s Family and all supporters of The RACH is,
We promise we will keep the RACH 3 Pitch spirit of having fun forefront while fundraising in a collective way to support those burdened with cancer and assisting others. The event format will be the same for 2019.
The Rotary Club of Parry Sound will continue to support Cancer Care at the West Parry Sound Health Centre and direct the use of the funds with recommendations of family and friends and Tom and Joanne. We will support many various local charities already supported by Rotary such as Hospice Parry Sound, Air Cadets, Salvation Army Food Drive, Minor Hockey, Helping Kids Play, and so many individuals from whom we receive requests that we struggle to assist all of them.
We look forward to seeing you June 14th and 15th 2019 and invite you join with us and many others for fun, food, baseball and  The Muskoka Roads Band as we continue to ……….Strikes Against Cancer !!!
David Brunton
President, Rotary Club of Parry Sound